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I was sickened  after hearing  the story of the 12-year-old New Jersey girl who was murdered by two teenage brothers. I felt I had to take action. Two brothers who are 15 and 17,  murdered a 12-year-old girl in their home. They lured her into their home on the promise of giving her parts for her BMX bike. What I also discovered is that this 12-year-old girl loved her BMX bike so much so that she talked about it on Facebook, and these two freepers read this online , and decided to kill her.

I was so sickened by what these two boys did to this 12-year-old girl, named Autumn Pasquale, that I had to tell you parents how to keep your kids safe:

1. Do not allow your kids to go on Facebook or Twitter until they are 15. No kids younger than 13 should be allowed on Facebook. Kids become obsessed with these social networks, they insult each other , tease, bully. Young children and teens are not equipped with reasoning abilities or the ability to mentally walk away from taunts, threats, and viciousness other kids will do.

2.  Keep your kids safe by monitoring their location all day and night.Check in with your kids periodically. Call your child on her cellphone to find out how she is and where she is. Have your child come home several times a day to have a check in time. Any child under the age of 13 is usually not old enough to know about bad people out there.

3. Tell your kids to NOT go into the homes of strangers. Tell them it is okay to go into a friend’s home. But do not allow them to go into strangers’ homes. Remember stranger danger when you were a kid? Well, teach it to your kids, even if they are older than 13!

4. Have your kids hang out at your house when you are home. Then you will get to meet your kid’s friends. You will discover who they are hanging out with, what your kid’s interests are, and what they do with their friends.

5.  Keep your kids safe by buying them  cellphones, and have them call you every hour if you will be away from home a lot. For working parents, cellphones are a Godsend. I never believed in buying my younger kids cellphones, but cellphones may help save a life, or help the police track where your child is.

6. Tell your kids to always ask you if it is okay to go to someone’s home. Make sure they are always communicating with you. In today’s world of unreality TV, violent video games where people are shot, murdered and the killer keeps going unscathed, it may look cool to kids to do this in real life.

7. Also tell your kids to call you and tell you where they are at all times. I realize you will come off as Big Brother, or a Nutjob parent, but do want your kids to stay alive and safe?

8.Monitor you kids online usage. I know it’s pretty much a joke to monitor your kids online, because there are so many sites, and they outlast you well into the night. But, do try to monitor them. Tell them to go to bed at night. Take away the computer. Set down rules, so they stay safe!

In today’s violent, nasty world, you as a parent must protect your kids. Keep your kids safe, even if it means you become the uncool, pain in the butt parent. You’re better off knowing your kids are safe and okay rather than becoming the next target for some mental patient! Copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns, who has been a professional freelance writer since 2004.


TV shows are creating spoiled kids! How do you control what your child watches on TV when there are several kids’ networks, (Disney, and Nickelodeon), devoted to “entertaining ” our kids 24-7?

I tried for years to control what my son watched on TV. When I saw that my in-laws, my mother and myself included were using TV as a babysitter for my son, I limited his daily TV viewing to about 2 hours.

It became impossible to limit his TV viewing to only 2 hours a day. My son was allowed to watch TV at daycare, at his grandparents’ homes and at home while I ran around cleaning and making meals. I soon realized I had little control over how much TV he watched. When my son started school, I found out that they let the kids watch movies, and used TV shows as part of the learning experience.

TV has become a disgusting display of sex, horrid values, no morals, and broken families. Kids are growing up watching TV shows marketed directed to their specific demographic age group. Each age group  now has certain TV shows, cartoons, with babies, preschool kids, preteens, younger teens and older teens having their own everything.

There is MTV for older teens,and young adults. Disney Playhouse is designed for younger preschool kids. Disney and Nickelodeon run 24 hours of cartoons and TV shows specifically aimed at preteens and younger kids. It is a marketing guru’s genius conception creating TV networks based solely on certain money-making machines such as kids. Preteens and teens have a lot of disposable income. That’s because we parents, and grandparents give our kids discretionary money to buy whatever they want. Millions of teens now have jobs working for the man, or selling stuff on the Internet.

TV shows are creating spoiled kids because marketing gurus, and profitable companies want to make millions of dollars. Who better to target but young people with young, undeveloped minds? Who better to show “real life” TV shows such as “Jersey Shore”, and shows that kids think are real such as, “Shake it up,”,” Zack and Cody”, and “Hannah Montana.” Growing, young minds can’t reason that these TV shows are not real. They may think this is how their lives should be. They think they should always be plotting the next scheme with their best friend. They think they should have a theme bedroom, and parents that are either overly involved in their lives, or never involved

After watching these shows kids probably think that they deserve to have glittery, expensive clothing. They may think their bedrooms should have everything their hearts desire including a plasma TV, a laptop, a cellphone, all arranged in a color scheme, complete with pillows, wallpaper, rugs, lamps etc. Copyright 2011, written by talented author Kate Johns, who has been freelance writing since 2004.