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Have you seen the ad with the two vampires selling a breakfast food, where they say, “Mornings, who knew?”Well, this ad and the slogan got me started thinking on what a mom doesn’t want to know. How this happened  I don’t know. It just happened that way, and I went with it, because I’m creative.

This led to thinking of all the things a mom really and truly does not want to know about. You know what I mean; the things your child does when he or she is older. Here are ten things we Moms really and truly do not want to know about our kids:

1. When the first time your child had sex. Nope, I do not want to know this. Maybe I’m just too old school and don’t believe in sharing is caring, but I really do not want to know the particulars. Tell me when you are thirty how old you were when you had sex for the first time…or maybe never.

2. Moms really do not want to know how drunk you got with your friends on the weekend. We moms also do not want to know that you got in a car drunk and drove home drunk. Unless you got hurt, killed someone we really do not want to know, because we will start yelling!

3. Moms really do not want to know when our kids are failing school. We don’t want a report card shoved under our faces when we are falling asleep on the couch, looking very comfortable and almost asleep when that bad report card surfaces. Show us when we are alert enough to yell at you. Sure, I get it, that’s the reason kids play it that way. But if you hide that report card, we’ll find out sooner or later.

4. Moms do not want to know when our kids get in trouble at school.All moms want to have that perfect child who gets great grades, and gets along well with ALL the other kids. But sometimes, our kids no matter how hard we try to do get in trouble. Sometimes it’s a fight they started, and other times it’s a fight where your child defended himself, and the kids at school taunted him.

5. Moms do not want to know when our kids get in trouble with the law. But most moms will say, “I’ll be right there.”

6. No Mom ever wants to hear the words, “There’s been an accident.” We never ever want to find out that one of our kids got into an accident, caused anyone any harm, is in the hospital, and I will not even say the last four letter word, because I do not wish to even write it out.

7. Moms do not want to know their kids are bullying other kids at school.

8. Moms do not want to know that our kids have completely lost it, becoming that kid that loses it and shoots so many kids at school.

9. Most Moms do not want to know that their daughter got pregnant at a really young age. We also do not want to know that our son got his girlfriend, or a female friend pregnant. As Moms we really do not want our children’s future’s ruined, but most of us moms will be there in a heartbeat to help our children out.

10. Moms do not want to know that their child is flunking college. We really do not want to know this. But considering I’ve already been down this road, I did what I thought best and took my son, home and told him we would work through this together. Considering I don’t understand anything above 10th grade Geometry, I could see why taking three math courses in one semester did my son in.

Moms do not want to know that our kids are sexting each other or posting naked pics of themselves or other kids online. We also do not want to know our kids are texting while driving, so don’t text while driving. And do not do what ALL the other kids do, just because All the other kids are doing something stupid. If you think it is stupid, don’t do it. Copyright 2013, written by Kate Johns a talented writer, who has been writing professionally since 2004!


Don’t you get this all the time from your teenager—“Hang on!” “In a minute Mom.” or “I’m too busy to do the dishes!”

My teens have kept me waiting for them to get things accomplished , get out the door into the car to drive them to THEIR events for what probably adds up to a few precious years.

With those few precious years  now forever gone, I came up with a great idea—-Instead of yelling, nagging or threatening, walk out of the house into your car, allowing your teen to be late. Allow her to learn the responsiblity of time management, by yelling your last warning and getting something done while you wait , besides getting your blood pressure up. Here are ten ideas I came up with while waiting for my teenager to be late for another event:

1. Check your email, answering a few while waiting.

2. Send those waiting text messages you have not had the time to get to.

3. Throw a load of laundry in to wash and or to dry while waiting for your  late teen to get it into gear.

4. File your broken nails down.

5. Check your social networking sites while waiting for your teen.

6. While waiting for your late teen, clean up the biggest items in your car. Give the last warning. Closing the front door,  go to the car, using that extra time, (mine, they may be late), to clean out the car. Pick up tissues, old coffee cups, old water bottles. I have even manged to scrub off the car windows while waiting for my late teen.

7. Write to do lists while waiting for your late teen. I carry a small notebook in my purse or in my car. When my teens are running late, I use that time to write grocery lists, or write writing ideas down. My daughter said at a swim meet one night exactly what I was thinking while we were waiting for her last meet; “I could’ve written a book in this amount of time.”

8. Instead of wasting time nagging your teen into getting to work on time, thus wasting your breath and your time when you are driving her to work, or an activity–pick up items lying around the house. In just five minutes, you can tidy up a living room, a front hall,set up the sprinkler, or water your plants.

9. Unload the dishwasher–which usually takes 5 to 10 minutes.

10. Fold a load of laundry which usually takes a couple of minutes also.

Why waste any more time waiting to drive your late teen to an activity? Make it her responsiblity to be on time by turning your attention to getting something else done. When your teen has to face an irate coach or boss, she will learn time management, and how to be responsible. Copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns a professional writer since 2004!