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Don’t let your kids become depressed, ignored, or upset about school.

Without being a major hover parent, this is what you can do to help your kids from being ignored at school:

1. Check up on your child everyday, by asking how school was. Ask specific questions, not general ones. More specific questions, such as “In health class today, did you discuss  bullying?”

2. Set up email accounts with each one of your kids’ teacher’s in the beginning of the school year.You will maintain a regular connection with your kid’s teachers this way.

3. Go to your kid’s open houses. You will see your kid’s schools, their teachers, and other parents. You will get a general feel for the school, and for what the curriculum wull be for the year.

4. Set up conferences with your kid’s teachers.You will meet the teachers. You will discover if the teachers are good at their jobs, or if they are likely to ignore your kids.

5. Maintain a regular connection with your child. Always talk to your child about school, and her friends.

6. Volunteer at your kid’s schools. Volunteer for whatever you can for your kids’ schools. Become a parent leader, getting to know other parents.

7. Make sure you know who your kids’ friends are. Have your kids invite their friends to your home while you are home. This way, you can meet them and find out more about them.

8. Limit your kids’ time on the internet, watching TV, and using their cellphones, etc. Kids will be kids, and may become addicted to using their iPods, cellphones, computers, and every other technology invented recently. Limit their time on these technologies. Make certain your kids are doing their homework, and that they are not staying up until four in the morning texting friends.

9. Tell your child to be as awesome as she can be. In other words help your child to strive for bigger and better things. Encourage your child to strive for more things. This way, she will make more friends, and, thus feeling better about herself and about her school, her life, need I go on?

10. Take preventive action now, so that you do not have to take corrective action later.

Keep your kids from being ignored at school, by having them speak up in class, talk to their teachers, and always keep the lines of communication open with your child. Copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns a professional writer since 2004!


My mother warned me that public school systems have been dumbing down our kids for years.

How do I know schools are dumbing down our kids?

I am seeing it happening firsthand. My kids are being taught a less than stellar education. They think I am being mean, or hyper critical when I edit their language arts skills, or lack thereof. My kids think I’m being unreasonable when I tell them to write coherent sentences, using complete sentences, and correct grammar. When my mother attended school many years ago, she told me she had a class size of about 40 students. The teachers were strict. Kids had to learn, or they were not allowed to pass onto the next grade. Today,  kids are passed up to the next grade, even though they can’t complete a simple sentence, and do not have any knowledge of American history.

In today’s public schools, kids are offered a myriad of learning options, that have nothing to do with gaining a basic education, such as learning how to dance, learning about other countries, and they are offered several languages they may never use such as Mandarin. Although, I am upset over public school budget cuts, removing all the “extras” from my daughter’s school system such as computer keyboarding, and other languages kids may need to know such as Spanish.

My mother was taught at a small public school many, many years ago. The kids at this small school were not offered numerous sports, and group activities. But she has perfect penmanship. She gained a wonderful knowledge of the English language. My Mother was taught our country’s history, so that she would have a working knowledge of how our government works, and what previous history America had.

In my Mother’s day in school, kids were also taught more useful business skills, of typing, writing business letters, how to act professionally at work, and how to dress at work.  When I was in high school professional skills were not taught, but typing was offered. Professionalism is not taught at public schools today. Sad to say, public schools are dumbing down not only the system but our kids as well.