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It’s gotten to the point where I can’t watch TV with my 12-year-old home anymore. The sexual content has been ratcheted up to the extreme. Talk about sex, sexual words, and sex acts are happening on TV all day and all night.

The other night, it was mentioned on a game show pertaining to people dating, “Baggage”, that the man trying to get a date was the President of an orgy club. Then of course, this was written in bold letters shown for anyone watching to see.

My 12-year-old daughter innocently asked, what that was, and I had to say, “I absolutely refuse to explain that to you.” I think the show was on at about ten at night. But that doesn’t matter, because all kinds of sex talk, sexual content and sexual goings ons , are happening on TV all the time.

Please, Disney has their teenage girls dressed like little ho’s, wearing super short skirts, and tons of makeup.

Quite frankly, I’m embarrassed to watch TV with my daughter in the room. Now I know why my in-laws only watch sports, news and the Weather Channel when we are there. Those are the only non-sexual content TV shows on TV. Unless the news is covering the Penn State Jerry Sandusky trial.

Looking back to when my daughter was about eight, I noticed a huge amount of sexual, content including nudity on cable TV. And these were not the premium channels. Up until moving to our current home, I did not watch very much TV. One night about four years ago, I walked into the living room where my then eight year old was playing nearby while my husband was dozing watching TV. Here were “The Girls Next Door”, with the girls completely naked doing a Playboy photo shoot. Some of their nakedness was pixelized. I literally ran into the room, grabbed the remote turning the channel to a safer TV channel, so that my now wide awake husband and my daughter who should have been doing homework, could watch football instead.

Soon after I banned my daughter from doing homework downstairs.

But our children are not safe from viewing nudity and sexual content on TV. No longer is there a family hour on TV. Sexual content runs all day. For awhile there, I could turn on the TV, and watch the Soprano’s on regular cable TV, at eight in the morning. My daughter’s teen friends tell her they watch  the reality TV show, “Jersey Shore.”They think it is wrong of me to not allow my daughter to watch such garbage.

Maybe it’s time we parents started publicity boycotting certain TV shows, or we stopped allowing our kids to have TVs in their bedrooms. An even better idea may be to only allow very basic cable TV to come into our homes, without any premium channels. Just think, parents can save money, and kids can learn about sex by going online.

Any way, you look at it,  we parents are screwed. It’s almost impossible to keep sexual content away from our kids. The only way it is possible is to not have cable, or satellite TV or the Internet in our homes. While not allowing premium cable TV channels in your home, or the Internet, we parents are ultimately penalizing ourselves.


I want my kids to have a great life. But I also know how hard it is on kids today with being bullied. I was bullied, and given a hard time when I was in middle school. It wasn’t an experience I would ever want anyone to go through. Because I was shy, skinny and tall I was given garbage by kids until I reached about 16.

It was rough. It is worse for teenagers and young adults today, because kids are ganging up on each other on social networks. They threaten, taunt and terrorize kids at school, in school hallways, anywhere and everywhere where teachers,school officials, and cameras are not present to see what is happening.The problem is many kids will just follow a larger kid, or the captain of the football team because they do not want to be ousted from the group.

My parents always told me to treat other people as I would want to be treated. I decided well into middle age, that I want to treat other people with respect, and friendliness. It’s something you would expect from other people right?

With the growth of social networks, kids think it doesn’t matter what they are saying. Teens think things like, ” Who cares what I say to someone else when I can’t see that person and they can’t see me. I can say whatever I want, and do whatever I want.”

But when one teenager is going through a difficult time, it is time for teenagers to stop and think. It is not normal to not accept other people because they are different from you. That’s what makes the world a great place; having different life experiences to lead a fulfilling, awesome life.

Parents need to start teaching their kids to be leaders, not followers. Parents, teachers and school administrators also need to teach kids to respect themselves and other people, and to accept other people’s differences.

Maybe kids should be faced with living life in another person’s shoes for one day to see what it is like to live the life of someone who is really thin, overweight or not popular. copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns who is a talented professional freelance author, who has been writing  since 2004!

TV shows are creating spoiled kids! How do you control what your child watches on TV when there are several kids’ networks, (Disney, and Nickelodeon), devoted to “entertaining ” our kids 24-7?

I tried for years to control what my son watched on TV. When I saw that my in-laws, my mother and myself included were using TV as a babysitter for my son, I limited his daily TV viewing to about 2 hours.

It became impossible to limit his TV viewing to only 2 hours a day. My son was allowed to watch TV at daycare, at his grandparents’ homes and at home while I ran around cleaning and making meals. I soon realized I had little control over how much TV he watched. When my son started school, I found out that they let the kids watch movies, and used TV shows as part of the learning experience.

TV has become a disgusting display of sex, horrid values, no morals, and broken families. Kids are growing up watching TV shows marketed directed to their specific demographic age group. Each age group  now has certain TV shows, cartoons, with babies, preschool kids, preteens, younger teens and older teens having their own everything.

There is MTV for older teens,and young adults. Disney Playhouse is designed for younger preschool kids. Disney and Nickelodeon run 24 hours of cartoons and TV shows specifically aimed at preteens and younger kids. It is a marketing guru’s genius conception creating TV networks based solely on certain money-making machines such as kids. Preteens and teens have a lot of disposable income. That’s because we parents, and grandparents give our kids discretionary money to buy whatever they want. Millions of teens now have jobs working for the man, or selling stuff on the Internet.

TV shows are creating spoiled kids because marketing gurus, and profitable companies want to make millions of dollars. Who better to target but young people with young, undeveloped minds? Who better to show “real life” TV shows such as “Jersey Shore”, and shows that kids think are real such as, “Shake it up,”,” Zack and Cody”, and “Hannah Montana.” Growing, young minds can’t reason that these TV shows are not real. They may think this is how their lives should be. They think they should always be plotting the next scheme with their best friend. They think they should have a theme bedroom, and parents that are either overly involved in their lives, or never involved

After watching these shows kids probably think that they deserve to have glittery, expensive clothing. They may think their bedrooms should have everything their hearts desire including a plasma TV, a laptop, a cellphone, all arranged in a color scheme, complete with pillows, wallpaper, rugs, lamps etc. Copyright 2011, written by talented author Kate Johns, who has been freelance writing since 2004.