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The most conservative baby names eveer—
I am the mother of two who is going through menopause. I miss my babies. I don’t miss the overnight feedings and changing diapers.But what I do miss is having two little people who didn’t say rude things, who helped with housework because they were helping mom not trying to raise my blood pressure.
Every once in awhile I remember when my kids were little and I feel that ache in my heart, which could be heartburn or the fact that I miss my kids. When this happens I start creating things, either that or I’m going to have to take up knitting. Here are the most conservative baby names:
1. Kathy
2. Mary
3. Betty
4. Michael
5. John
6. Jack
7. George
8. Elizabeth
9. Catherine
10. Alexander
11. Phillip
12. Alexandra
13. Andrew
14. Karen
15. Pat
16. Jennifer
17. Barbara
18. Timothy
19. Harold
20. Samuel
Do you think I was influenced in making this list by the birth of the newset addition of the royal family? Copyright(c), 2013, written by Kate Johns; a professional author since 2004.


I was sickened  after hearing  the story of the 12-year-old New Jersey girl who was murdered by two teenage brothers. I felt I had to take action. Two brothers who are 15 and 17,  murdered a 12-year-old girl in their home. They lured her into their home on the promise of giving her parts for her BMX bike. What I also discovered is that this 12-year-old girl loved her BMX bike so much so that she talked about it on Facebook, and these two freepers read this online , and decided to kill her.

I was so sickened by what these two boys did to this 12-year-old girl, named Autumn Pasquale, that I had to tell you parents how to keep your kids safe:

1. Do not allow your kids to go on Facebook or Twitter until they are 15. No kids younger than 13 should be allowed on Facebook. Kids become obsessed with these social networks, they insult each other , tease, bully. Young children and teens are not equipped with reasoning abilities or the ability to mentally walk away from taunts, threats, and viciousness other kids will do.

2.  Keep your kids safe by monitoring their location all day and night.Check in with your kids periodically. Call your child on her cellphone to find out how she is and where she is. Have your child come home several times a day to have a check in time. Any child under the age of 13 is usually not old enough to know about bad people out there.

3. Tell your kids to NOT go into the homes of strangers. Tell them it is okay to go into a friend’s home. But do not allow them to go into strangers’ homes. Remember stranger danger when you were a kid? Well, teach it to your kids, even if they are older than 13!

4. Have your kids hang out at your house when you are home. Then you will get to meet your kid’s friends. You will discover who they are hanging out with, what your kid’s interests are, and what they do with their friends.

5.  Keep your kids safe by buying them  cellphones, and have them call you every hour if you will be away from home a lot. For working parents, cellphones are a Godsend. I never believed in buying my younger kids cellphones, but cellphones may help save a life, or help the police track where your child is.

6. Tell your kids to always ask you if it is okay to go to someone’s home. Make sure they are always communicating with you. In today’s world of unreality TV, violent video games where people are shot, murdered and the killer keeps going unscathed, it may look cool to kids to do this in real life.

7. Also tell your kids to call you and tell you where they are at all times. I realize you will come off as Big Brother, or a Nutjob parent, but do want your kids to stay alive and safe?

8.Monitor you kids online usage. I know it’s pretty much a joke to monitor your kids online, because there are so many sites, and they outlast you well into the night. But, do try to monitor them. Tell them to go to bed at night. Take away the computer. Set down rules, so they stay safe!

In today’s violent, nasty world, you as a parent must protect your kids. Keep your kids safe, even if it means you become the uncool, pain in the butt parent. You’re better off knowing your kids are safe and okay rather than becoming the next target for some mental patient! Copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns, who has been a professional freelance writer since 2004.

Why does it seem that there are a multitude of parenting blogs for parents of babies and young children? What did I miss something? Do we parents stop being parents once our kids reach the magical age of 10? I am completely serious about this. I have not read, seen, heard of , found or determined that there are many blogs out there for parents of older kids.

It’s getting to the point where we parents of older kids are being prejudiced against. It’s kind of like discrimination in the workplace; only this time it is discrimination on the Internet. Does this mean that every parent  becomes an expert at parenting and doesn’t need to write about parenting anymore?

Many parents feel lost when they become new parents. When a parent becomes a first time parent, their entire world changes, and they must flow with the changes, becoming responsible people. That means all of these new parents are looking for answers. Thus they turn to other parents for help, by reading blogs, magazines, books, seeking expert advice, and other parents’ advice.

But why is it that when a child reaches a certain age, about 10, suddenly parents drop off the writing circuit, and stop writing about their kids? Are they too busy to write anymore? Are they worried their kids will find their blogs, websites, books and read them, becoming upset? Are parents working 80 hours a week unable to get to the nearest computer?

Has anyone else noticed that there are hardly any parents out there on the Internet, on TV, writing magazine articles, or books about pre-teens, teenage children and about young adult children? It has become annoying to realize that there is not an ounce of helpful advice out there for parents, unless that parent has numerous relatives, or has lived in the same place for her entire life keeping the same friends. I realize that new parents need helpful advice, because they are raising babies and are usually going through this for the first time.

I ‘ve got to tell you that parenting is a lifelong process. Kids become more complicated the older they get.
Parents need useful information for their preteen and teenage kids too.Copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns, a professional writer since 2004.

Did you ever think about naming your baby after a car? When you first start thinking about it you conjure up perhaps five car names such as Toyota, Hyundai, and Volkswagen. After thinking about maybe ten car names, you shake your head , realizing there aren’t that many car names. But guess what, you are wrong!

There are a plethora of car names that you can name your baby. My kids may have had totally different names if I had realized there are so many awesome sounding car names out there, some that have been named after real people a hundred or so years ago.

Here are just a smattering of the awesome baby names you look over and then decide when the nurse asks you at the hospital, “What do you want to name your baby?”

1.Mercedes–first car name that popped into my mind. Wasn’t she a singer from the 1990’s?

2. Chevy– as in the car company,and famous SNL alumni.

3.Mercury–not only a planet but a car as well.

4. Ford–usually a last name, but also a solid sounding baby name.

5. Dodge

6. Cruiser, or better yet as the baby name Cruze

7. Colorado

8. Camry

9. Lincoln

10.Maverick–the lead character in the movie, “Top Gun”, played by tom Cruise.

11. Sable

12. Vega

13. Edsel–may have been a flop as a car but was actually a real person’s name.

14. Mustang–kind of sounds like a name in a famous movie.

15. Austin–not just a city in Texas, but the name of the Austin-Healy.

16. Tucker

17. Hudson


19. Rambler–sounds like the lead male character in a romance novel.

20. Nash

21. Bristol

22.Cherelle and the next baby name both come from the same car company.

23.Jimmy–manufactured by Chevy along with the Cherelle.

24. Ranger

25.Shelley–the designer of the Ford Mustang.

26.Aston Martin


28. Opal

29.Porsche or Portia

30. Jaguar

31. Kia

32. Lexus

33. Carter

34. Carmine

35. Cara

36. Carissa

You got what happened didn’t you? The last four baby names all have a car in them.


38. Sierra


40. Morgan–was a British car maker.

41. Royce–of Rolls Royce fame.


43. How’s this for a great baby’s name–Aurora?

44. Victoria

45. Skylark, Sky, or Skye

46. My husband suggested this baby name of—Vintage.

47. What about this vintage car name as a baby name–Corvette?

Don’t you get this all the time from your teenager—“Hang on!” “In a minute Mom.” or “I’m too busy to do the dishes!”

My teens have kept me waiting for them to get things accomplished , get out the door into the car to drive them to THEIR events for what probably adds up to a few precious years.

With those few precious years  now forever gone, I came up with a great idea—-Instead of yelling, nagging or threatening, walk out of the house into your car, allowing your teen to be late. Allow her to learn the responsiblity of time management, by yelling your last warning and getting something done while you wait , besides getting your blood pressure up. Here are ten ideas I came up with while waiting for my teenager to be late for another event:

1. Check your email, answering a few while waiting.

2. Send those waiting text messages you have not had the time to get to.

3. Throw a load of laundry in to wash and or to dry while waiting for your  late teen to get it into gear.

4. File your broken nails down.

5. Check your social networking sites while waiting for your teen.

6. While waiting for your late teen, clean up the biggest items in your car. Give the last warning. Closing the front door,  go to the car, using that extra time, (mine, they may be late), to clean out the car. Pick up tissues, old coffee cups, old water bottles. I have even manged to scrub off the car windows while waiting for my late teen.

7. Write to do lists while waiting for your late teen. I carry a small notebook in my purse or in my car. When my teens are running late, I use that time to write grocery lists, or write writing ideas down. My daughter said at a swim meet one night exactly what I was thinking while we were waiting for her last meet; “I could’ve written a book in this amount of time.”

8. Instead of wasting time nagging your teen into getting to work on time, thus wasting your breath and your time when you are driving her to work, or an activity–pick up items lying around the house. In just five minutes, you can tidy up a living room, a front hall,set up the sprinkler, or water your plants.

9. Unload the dishwasher–which usually takes 5 to 10 minutes.

10. Fold a load of laundry which usually takes a couple of minutes also.

Why waste any more time waiting to drive your late teen to an activity? Make it her responsiblity to be on time by turning your attention to getting something else done. When your teen has to face an irate coach or boss, she will learn time management, and how to be responsible. Copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns a professional writer since 2004!

I saw a super funny Facebook message the other day where a parent was making a major statement about kids, and how they act.  It said—-“when my kids get older I’m going to move in with them, sleep till noon, never pick up anything, stay in my room 24-7, not help with any housework, expect maid service,  free Wi-Fi, and cable TV.”

Our children live with us parents until they reach that magical age of maturity when they move out. But sometimes we parents build nests that are too comfortable for our baby birds. Many parents are complaining that their kids will not leave home. Mom and Dad want their independence back, but don’t get it due to the current state of the lousy economy. There are millions of different stories with kids going away to college, coming home, not finding a good job.

All I have to say is when my kids get really great jobs, my expectations are not that lofty. I expect to be treated as fairly as I have treated them. So that means–I don’t have to do any housework. If I am told to do housework, I will complain profusely about said housework, and take an entire day to do one thing. I expect to have all of my food prepared for me, and all of my dishes cleaned by my kids. I expect to have my utility bills paid for, including my car, house insurance, and I’m going to need free Wi-Fi, free cable, air conditioning, heat, a heated pool, and free food.

I might get a job to help out, thus only paying my bills, buying my clothes, eating out, paying for my car including gas, repairs, insurance, etc.

I am not threatening my kids with the things our parents said back in our youth of “I hope your kids turn out just like you someday!” Nope, I’m threatening my kids with—” I’m moving in with you someday and I expect to be treated just like I treated you.”

Does that mean my kids will be yelling at me to go bed before the sun rises, and that I need to get up before noon? Copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns, a professional writer wince 2004.

When your kids start pushing you as a parent away it hurts. I think it hurts moms more than it does  dads–because for the most part dads are tough he-men kind of guys who don’t show or express their feelings. (stereotype–maybe) When a mom is pushed away from her kids that hurts.

It doesn’t hit the gut either, it hurts right in the heart! Teenagers will do everything they can to push us parents away because they are discovering who they are, what life is about. But when your kids start asserting their independence when they are younger,  that comes as a shock to a mom.

My son started pushing me away when he was in second grade. I was driving him to school, and I stopped walking  him into school realizing he didn’t need his mom to do that anymore. But one day when I pulled up in front of the school, leaned over to hug him, saying “Have a good day.” I was met with a slamming car door.

I drove home feeling rejection spreading through my entire body and especially that area where my heart pumps blood through my body. I physically felt pain in my chest. My head was still reeling with this immense feeling of rejection and  I felt like it was kind of spinning with intensity. My son had slammed the car door on me as I was leaning over to hug him!

I realized he didn’t want his mom hugging or kissing him anymore, especially in a public place. And I realized he did not want any of his friends, classmates seeing this hugging of mom from the tough guys at school. Good God! What was I thinking hugging my child in public, where kids could see this and use it against my son to bully an already tall, skinny child  considered a geek!

So I moved on, as much as a hover mom could, allowing my son to walk to school on his own when he was in fourth grade. I let him have his personal space. I let him walk home alone in fifth grade, and worried about him if he was late. I also complained profusely when my ninth grader had to walk half a mile to get the bus in the dark, snow and cold, down a seriously busy street, mind you, but I did it.

I let him have his personal space and tried my best to let my child have his independence. Now it’s happening again with my second child doing everything she can to push mom away. Copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns a professional writer since 2004.


Allow kids to have cellphones in the classroom. It might save their lives!!!

This will always be a topic of debate, but for people who do not have kids in school, or people who do not have any kids, it’s easy to say, “Kids should not have cellphones in the classroom”.

Numerous kids’ lives will be saved by having cellphones in the classroom. When a kid goes berserk, or a nut gets into a school, losing it, shooting up any child within his insane mind, kids need to have cellphones to use just in case. Kids will have to run for their lives finding shelter in mere seconds when another person gains access to a gun and loses it shooting any child he sees.

Kids take videos of bad teachers! Teachers have been yelling at kids for years. When a teacher insults and singles out a child, then a child needs to have proof of the bad teacher’s acts and needs to do something about it. Cellphones with video will be the proof needed to convince a principal, parent, or other kids that something wrong is going on inside a bad teacher’s classroom.This might be the evidence needed to convict a person of harmful acts to a minor in sexual molestation cases also.

Limit kids use of cellphones in the classroom, but don’t take away the privilege! Tell kids in classrooms that they can keep their cellphones in their bookbags, or in their pockets, and can only be used in emergency situations. In other words, they can’t pull out their phones to use as calculators unless told they can use their phones.

With kids using cellphones during the day, parents can remind their kids to bring home  homework assignments, or to have a great day. Parents can pick up a child who missed a bus, or find out if a child is sick during the schoolday.

Classroom use of cellphones could be made into a requirement allowing kids to use their cellphones as smaller computers having Internet access,and email access. Kids could use their cellphones to tape videos, look up necessary info for projects, homework assignments, and much more.

We should allow our children to have cellphones in the classroom, because cellphones save lives! Copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns a professional writer swince 2004.

The parents of small children are getting away with murder.It’s sick, it’s unjust, and it is happening all over the United States. When Casey Anthony was allowed to walk free because the case of her allegedly killing her daughter Caylee Anthony was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt. In other words the prosecution could not place Casey Anthony at the scene murdering her child.

Yes, I know what I am saying sounds horrible, and I am placing blame on a young mother, but obviously something is wrong with the fact that Casey Anthony was allowed to walk out of jail and to live her life in freedom after her daughter died, and she lied about the child’s whereabouts. She lied about who took her child. She went out and partied like it was 1999, and had a great time doing exactly what she wanted without having to take care of her precious little daughter.

Now, almost on a daily basis, we are seeing that more children are suddenly missing from their homes. They are gone, without a trace. And I for one am blaming the widely publicized Casey Anthony case for this rash of missing children. If this case had not been pushed at people by the media on a daily basis, then we would not have known so much about this case. People learned how to murder a small child, and then how to cover up the crime. In a sense I am blaming this oversensationalized case, and the media for publicizing the Casey Anthony case everyday.

Since Casey Anthony walked out of jail and is living a life of freedom, many small children across the United States have become missing. This is happening to little kids, and it is sick. And yes, I am allowing my emotions to get the better of me. But someone has to speak up for the small children who are becoming faces of the missing seen on posters, and on the side of milk cartons.

It’s to the point where I do not want to watch the news anymore at all. I just want to put blinders on, so I can’t see what horrible things parents are doing to their small, helpless, unable to defend themselves children.

I want my kids to have a great life. But I also know how hard it is on kids today with being bullied. I was bullied, and given a hard time when I was in middle school. It wasn’t an experience I would ever want anyone to go through. Because I was shy, skinny and tall I was given garbage by kids until I reached about 16.

It was rough. It is worse for teenagers and young adults today, because kids are ganging up on each other on social networks. They threaten, taunt and terrorize kids at school, in school hallways, anywhere and everywhere where teachers,school officials, and cameras are not present to see what is happening.The problem is many kids will just follow a larger kid, or the captain of the football team because they do not want to be ousted from the group.

My parents always told me to treat other people as I would want to be treated. I decided well into middle age, that I want to treat other people with respect, and friendliness. It’s something you would expect from other people right?

With the growth of social networks, kids think it doesn’t matter what they are saying. Teens think things like, ” Who cares what I say to someone else when I can’t see that person and they can’t see me. I can say whatever I want, and do whatever I want.”

But when one teenager is going through a difficult time, it is time for teenagers to stop and think. It is not normal to not accept other people because they are different from you. That’s what makes the world a great place; having different life experiences to lead a fulfilling, awesome life.

Parents need to start teaching their kids to be leaders, not followers. Parents, teachers and school administrators also need to teach kids to respect themselves and other people, and to accept other people’s differences.

Maybe kids should be faced with living life in another person’s shoes for one day to see what it is like to live the life of someone who is really thin, overweight or not popular. copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns who is a talented professional freelance author, who has been writing  since 2004!