Here’s one you may never have heard of–money baby names. Then you can say to your child, “You are so money!” Make a name for your baby that is the name of money.
Here are 20 Money Baby Names:

1. Cash

2. Mo, Moe, or Monique

3. Penny

4. Nick or Nicky as in nickel

5. Goldie, from Gold

6. Silver

7. George as in George Washington who is on the one dollar bill.

8. Liberty, (which is written on all the coins)

9. America, Americus, or Meri, (Due to United States of America being written on every dollar bill, and on every piece of change.)


11 Jefferson, or just Jeff. Combining number 11 and 12 make Thomas Jefferson whose famous face is on the two dollar bill, which is rarely made.

12. Abraham (from Abraham Lincoln who is the only President two forms of money: the penny and the five dollar bill.)

13. Alexander, or just Alex. Alexander Hamilton is poised on the ten-dollar bill.

14. Andrew for Andrew Jackson who is shown on the twenty-dollar bill.

15. Jackson, or Jack

16. Grant, as in Ulysses Grant. He is on the fifty dollar bill.

17. Franklin, or just Frank. Benjamin Franklin was the only forefather who was not a president, but was placed on the one hundred-dollar bill.

18. Benjamin, if you please.

19. Hamilton, which sounds very regal.

20. Lincoln, Abe’s last name.
People are creating stellar, awesome sounding baby names, so why not name your baby after a money name?