I can only imagine what it is like to be a dedicated, enthusiastic, patient, supportive parent of an Olympic athlete. Only but a few parents get to reach this pinnacle of success with their children. But many millions of parents do exactly what Olympic athletic parents do. We get up early, cheer on our kids, drive to the middle of nowhere , talk to other parents, volunteer , raise money for our kid’s sports, and other activities.

However I know what it is like to be a helpful, dedicated parent who has, (hopefully), always been there for my kids. I volunteered as a Cub Scout leader for three years. I drove my son to numerous work sessions for his Robotic’s group. I drove my daughter to numerous swim practices, and sat in heat so hot, I thought I would melt. But that’s what a parent does. We get up early, stay late, volunteer, get out of work early, eat junk food, as we cheer on our kids.

We are always there, no matter what. I had a stroke and still managed to call my son to wish him good luck when he was 400 miles from home for the big Robotics final match. Thanks to my son’s friends, and their parents, my child made it to the final building sessions, and the upcoming matches.

That’s why I can only imagine the incredible level of determination, strength, love, support, and pride an Olympic athlete’s parents carry. People watching the Olympics are only seeing the end result of many years of hard work, determination, support and raising money for kids to get to the Olympics. We regular people are not seeing all the hard work, sweat, blood and tears the kids as well as the parents put in over many years. Olympic viewers only get  occasional glimpses of parents sitting in the stands cheering on their child. TV cameras catch a shot of a mom shaking, crying or talking out loud to her Olympic athlete as she races for the other side of the pool.

When I saw the ad of the mom driving her three kids to hockey games, I said out loud, “That’s my life–driving all over God’s creation, never getting a thank you, but having a tired child falling asleep on the way home.”

When we parents do our job as strong, loving ,caring, supportive parents even if our kids don’t stand a chance in hell of getting anywhere near the Olympics, then we know in our hearts that we are doing the right thing for our kids, helping them become the best they can be. Then our kids will learn from their experiences growing up to become successful adults. Not every child is meant to become an Olympic athlete, but for the few who do, let’s cheer them on, as well as cheer on our own kids to a succesful, victorious life!! copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns a professional writer wince 2004!