Did you ever think about naming your baby after a car? When you first start thinking about it you conjure up perhaps five car names such as Toyota, Hyundai, and Volkswagen. After thinking about maybe ten car names, you shake your head , realizing there aren’t that many car names. But guess what, you are wrong!

There are a plethora of car names that you can name your baby. My kids may have had totally different names if I had realized there are so many awesome sounding car names out there, some that have been named after real people a hundred or so years ago.

Here are just a smattering of the awesome baby names you look over and then decide when the nurse asks you at the hospital, “What do you want to name your baby?”

1.Mercedes–first car name that popped into my mind. Wasn’t she a singer from the 1990’s?

2. Chevy– as in the car company,and famous SNL alumni.

3.Mercury–not only a planet but a car as well.

4. Ford–usually a last name, but also a solid sounding baby name.

5. Dodge

6. Cruiser, or better yet as the baby name Cruze

7. Colorado

8. Camry

9. Lincoln

10.Maverick–the lead character in the movie, “Top Gun”, played by tom Cruise.

11. Sable

12. Vega

13. Edsel–may have been a flop as a car but was actually a real person’s name.

14. Mustang–kind of sounds like a name in a famous movie.

15. Austin–not just a city in Texas, but the name of the Austin-Healy.

16. Tucker

17. Hudson


19. Rambler–sounds like the lead male character in a romance novel.

20. Nash

21. Bristol

22.Cherelle and the next baby name both come from the same car company.

23.Jimmy–manufactured by Chevy along with the Cherelle.

24. Ranger

25.Shelley–the designer of the Ford Mustang.

26.Aston Martin


28. Opal

29.Porsche or Portia

30. Jaguar

31. Kia

32. Lexus

33. Carter

34. Carmine

35. Cara

36. Carissa

You got what happened didn’t you? The last four baby names all have a car in them.


38. Sierra


40. Morgan–was a British car maker.

41. Royce–of Rolls Royce fame.


43. How’s this for a great baby’s name–Aurora?

44. Victoria

45. Skylark, Sky, or Skye

46. My husband suggested this baby name of—Vintage.

47. What about this vintage car name as a baby name–Corvette?