My son asked a cute girl from his Robotics team if she would go to the junior/senior prom with him. At first she told him she already had gone to the prom the year before with someone else, and she said no. My son was crushed. After all this was the first time he had asked a girl out on a date.

I gave him some motherly advice saying, “Try again. Talk to her at school. Use your charming sense of humor. Maybe, after asking her several times, this will work for you.” Tom asked Sara to the prom several more times, and she told him, “No, you’re too young for me.”

She was a senior, he was a junior.

Tom was smitten. After all Sara was pretty, had long brown hair and they had been working together for a year building a robot for a major high school competition.

The third time was the charm, after talking to Sara again at school, Tom made a third attempt, she said a reluctant, “Yes.”

Once the prom was agreed upon, Tom was on the phone every night talking to his new girlfriend. We could hear him talking in hushed tones through his bedroom door. Not that we parents were spying or anything.

Two weeks before the prom, my happy 17- year old bounded up the second floor stairs, proudly boasting his pronouncement of, “Mom, I need a tuxedo for the prom.” My husband started laughing and said, “I don’t think they’re going to have your size—-super skinny, and super tall.”

As my two boys set off to the mall, I grabbed my husband, whispering, “Give Tom some dating advice.” I asked Tom what color Sara’s dress would be, and he said, “Green.” I said, “What color green? Your vest should match your date’s dress.” He said, “I think she said her dress will be light green.”

When the afternoon of the prom arrived our son took a shower and then spent about an hour in his room getting his tux on, pacing back and forth. This is when I wanted to give Tom some motherly advice on what to do and how to treat his date, but I figured that I couldn’t tell my firstborn what to do, so I said, “Be on your best manners, talk to your date, open doors for her, ask her nicely to dance.”

I asked my husband if he had given our son any dating advice yet, and the answer was, “Nope, I’m waiting for the right moment.”

Driving our nervous son over to Sara’s parent’s house, I said to my husband, “Now might be a good time.” My husband shook his head, no, and we drove in silence to what seemed like impending doom

When Sara walked into the kitchen wearing a light green, floor length prom gown, I smiled saying, “Sara, you look so pretty!” After looking at my son and his new girlfriend, I said, “You two look so cute together.” Then I elbowed my husband’s ribs saying. “Is there anything you want to say to your son, dear?”  My husband eloquently blurted out; “Don’t get anybody pregnant.” Copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns a professional writer since 2004.