Allow kids to have cellphones in the classroom. It might save their lives!!!

This will always be a topic of debate, but for people who do not have kids in school, or people who do not have any kids, it’s easy to say, “Kids should not have cellphones in the classroom”.

Numerous kids’ lives will be saved by having cellphones in the classroom. When a kid goes berserk, or a nut gets into a school, losing it, shooting up any child within his insane mind, kids need to have cellphones to use just in case. Kids will have to run for their lives finding shelter in mere seconds when another person gains access to a gun and loses it shooting any child he sees.

Kids take videos of bad teachers! Teachers have been yelling at kids for years. When a teacher insults and singles out a child, then a child needs to have proof of the bad teacher’s acts and needs to do something about it. Cellphones with video will be the proof needed to convince a principal, parent, or other kids that something wrong is going on inside a bad teacher’s classroom.This might be the evidence needed to convict a person of harmful acts to a minor in sexual molestation cases also.

Limit kids use of cellphones in the classroom, but don’t take away the privilege! Tell kids in classrooms that they can keep their cellphones in their bookbags, or in their pockets, and can only be used in emergency situations. In other words, they can’t pull out their phones to use as calculators unless told they can use their phones.

With kids using cellphones during the day, parents can remind their kids to bring home  homework assignments, or to have a great day. Parents can pick up a child who missed a bus, or find out if a child is sick during the schoolday.

Classroom use of cellphones could be made into a requirement allowing kids to use their cellphones as smaller computers having Internet access,and email access. Kids could use their cellphones to tape videos, look up necessary info for projects, homework assignments, and much more.

We should allow our children to have cellphones in the classroom, because cellphones save lives! Copyright 2012, written by Kate Johns a professional writer swince 2004.