Here’s a family question for you–how old is too old for a woman to have a baby? Millions of women are waiting to have babies. Women are going to college, graduating with degrees in areas where they can make more money than previously ever thought possible. Women are acquiring careers making really good yearly salaries, and they are waiting to have babies.

But here are two extreme stories of women having babies, so late in life, they may be too old to see their babies graduate from elementary school.

Two women from India recently became the oldest mothers of all time. The oldest mom who recently had a baby at the ripe old age of get this people—-72 years of age. Her name is Omikair Panwar. The father was 75 at the time of this mom having twins—a boy and a girl. This 72-year-old mom had the twins a month early, and had a painful pregnancy, where she spent eight months in bed.

The couple already had two kids, and five grandkids, but wanted desperately to have a male heir.Here’s a great question for you: How old is too old to have a baby? Doesn’t 72 seem incredibly odl to have a baby? Doesn’;t it seem impossible, but if medical science makes it possible, then does that make it okay?

The second oldest mom is also from India. She was 70 years old at the time of birth. Rajo Devi was inseminated with a donor egg, and with her 72-year-old husband’s sperm. Their baby was born early at seven months.

So what do you think? I thought having my second child at 38 was old, but carrying a child and giving birth in your seventies? There are many unanswered questions here such as, could a 70-year-old woman carry a pregnancy to full term, and how? Usually a 70-year-old woman has already gone through menopause, so how is any of this possible? And would the uterus or the woman’s body be able to handle carrying and growing a baby?

There are other women who have had babies much later in life, such as in their sixties.But having babies in your seventies is extreme! How can this be possible? Is this unethical? And is it too dangerous and extreme for a mom to have a baby seriously late in life? Is it unwise to have a baby so late that the mom, will probably die before the child grows up?