In reality there are numerous reasons for the recent school shootings, but the main reason is because nobody cares. The kids that kill each other are ignored, bullied, mistreated, taunted, or teased. What I’m seeing firsthand is a public school system that is as much to blame as the parents, Internet social networking sites, violence on TV, and the kids themselves.

But one of the main reasons is because the kids are ignored. This is just as bad as bullying. When kids are ignored in school,  they feel bad about themselves. Traditionally, the happy, outgoing and popular kids do well in school. People do not want to hang out with the shy, quiet, introverted, geeky kids. It’s just the way society is. It is proven in society that business people will hire tall, attractive, outgoing people more often than hiring an unhappy, sullen, not good-looking person!

With numerous public school budget costs, teachers being overworked, many children are  ignored. I know this firsthand. My daughter is failing two classes at her new school. I’ve been asking if she has homework every night, and she tells me . “Not much.”

I completely admit that my daughter is not doing all of the assigned homework, and she has not been doing all of the in school classroom assignments. But, the reason I know she is being ignored, and that the teachers at this particular school do not care, is because the situation was ignored!

A school generated progress report  was sent home by the school. My child’s classes were listed, and so were the grades. Two out of my child’s grades were listed as failing. I had to look three times at the grades to make sure the numbers were correct. After blowing a gasket, and lecturing my child, I called the school, and I sent emails to the teachers of my child’s classes.

After receiving emails back, the teachers essentially said my child has not been doing the work she has been given. Okay, fine I accept that. But why wasn’t something done? What happened to personal responsiblity? And yes, I mean on both sides of the fence.

When I told my husband this, he said, “When I forgot my homework, after so many times, the teacher took recess away, or made me do the homework during a study hall, or I received detention. ”

So what I’m wondering here is why didn’t one of these teachers take action? Why didn’t my child receive detention, or disciplinary action? Why didn’t one of these teachers send an email home, call me at home?  They’d rather just ignore the situation, essentially doing nothing, allowing another child to fail school? What happened to the government program; “No child left behind?”

When a child  that is failing two classes is ignored, without anyone doing something, then I am making an inductive leap here, saying because she is ignored by teachers, wouldn’t that mean that many other kids are also ignored? This means those kids that are at risk for becoming bad kids, are also ignored.

So, in school only the super popular kids, and the major problem kids get any attention, and kids who are failing receive no attention!

With the scary events of recent school killings, it makes me afraid of what else could be going on, or NOT going on at public schools across America.