The other day I bought  some Not for Your Mama jeans. I spent  almost  2 hours looking for a pair of jeans that would look good on me, weren’t super expensive, and that didn’t droop in my butt area.

For many years now I’ve been buying jeans, pants, that do not look good on me. And you want to know why? It’s a combination of reasons; I never could afford to buy anything for myself that wasn’t on clearance. I have skinny legs, no butt, and a fat stomach. I am not your average curvaceous woman. My body does not fit any of the fruit shapes; like apple, pear, etc.

Let’s just say, I can not wear skinny jeans. They were created exclusively for teenagers! But, I can’t wear the jeans that have more room in the thighs, waist and legs, either! I don’t have those issues where nearly every jeans, and pants manufacturer create pants for women who do have these issues.

So for the first time in many years, I bought Not for your Mama jeans, that make my butt look good. And you know how I know this? My daughter said, “Hey Mom, nice jeans, you don’t look like an old lady in them!”

After our shopping excursion, my husband noticed, and complimented  me with this eloquent saying, “Hey, your butt doesn’t look droopy in those jeans!” Copyright 2012, written by Kate johns, a professional writer since 2004.