It is time to protect our children. The problem; kids killing each other with guns or other weapons at school.  Recently, a student of  Chardon High School outside of Cleveland Ohio opened fire on students eating breakfast in the high school cafeteria.

This has happened many times before, such as the now infamous Virginia Tech shooting deaths in 2007 of numerous college students where 32 students, and faculty were killed. Remember the now famous 1999 Columbine High School killings where two students shot and killed numerous students while police stood helplessly by as the two kids went from room to room shooting other kids, and teachers?

While millions of schools have taken measures to ensure kids safety at public schools, it is still not enough! It seems just a few short years ago, anyone could walk into any public school in America without any problems. Today, there are systems in place to keep out deranged people who are trying to kill, main, or injure our kids.

But the problem usually is the kids themselves. They walk into school with a gun and start shooting at large groups of kids. Usually it is a child that is angry or upset that other kids made fun of him, or a his girlfriend said something rude. Many times the child is upset because a group of kids teased him, bullied him or de-friended him.

The world is a different place today.

Years ago, kids would ignore, or give a hard time to any child that was different from they were. They were not accepting of kids that were, overweight, unintelligent, or very intelligent. Middle school, and high school kids have a certain need to fit in. When kids aren’t the same as the other kids, they are publicly given a hard time.

This still goes on today. But, kids are kids, and they continue hurting other kids feelings, intentionally, and unintentionally. And with kids having access to social networks, kids who are growing and have brains that are not fully developed until they are older, do not understand that one day what they are going through will be over. They will learn from what is happening, grow up and develop successful lives. Kids do not understand that what is happening now will not last forever.

Therefore, I am advocating that every school in America buy a machine that detects guns, knives and weapons. This may be costly to the school districts that initiate this plan. But students will be safer, than they are currently.

It is also time for adults to teach children that killing other kids is not the answer to their problems.  Parents of kids, and public school personnel need to start teaching kids to be kind to each other, and to not use social media as a way to isolate and harm other children.