Are the kids driving you crazy this winter continually bugging you saying, “When is it going to snow? This sucks, we don’t have any snow to play in?”

Here are eight activities to do with the kids when there isn’t any snow:

1. Go for winter walks. When you have older children, you might be able to get a longer walk in when it is sunny, during a mild winter. You can work in some exercise, and so can your kids. On your walks, you can point out wild critters that are also enjoying the mild winter weather, such as certain birds, squirrels, hawks.

2. Try winter camping. When it is a warmer winter, there is an endless possibility of activities to enjoy. Go winter camping in a tent, with super warm sleeping bags; the kind that surrounds your body, with a hood attached. You can have a great time camping without freezing all weekend.

3. Considering you can’t enjoy ice fishing during a mild winter, fish from a dock or a boat. Dress warmly, and teach your kids the finer points of fishing. Instead of buying dinner, bring home a free meal instead!

4. Feed the geese, ducks and swans that stick around at a local pond or creek. Usually when it is a mild winter, geese, ducks and even swans will stick around at a nearby park, creek or a small river. Geese and ducks typically fly south for the winter.  Younger and older kids love to feed the wildlife. But, when it does get really cold and snowy outside, remember to feed those same animals, because they will become dependent on you.

5. Visit the zoo. Unless your zoo closes for the winter months, visit the zoo. The animals love having visitors in the colder months. They will stare back at your kids, who will love having their undivided attention!

6. Fly a kite. When I dragged my husband to a state park to enjoy this mild winter, an older couple was flying a strikingly different kite on that breezy day. That sounds like a great, fun winter activity to enjoy!

7. Blow bubbles outside. Anyone can enjoy blowing bubbles outside, unless you have COPD, that is. Before, spring hits, nearly every store starts stocking up on spring and summer fun goodies, such as bubbles, and kites.

8. Ride your bike. When it is a warmer winter, ride your bike around the neighborhood, or on a bike path. Stick a basket on your bike, and run shorter errands, saving money on rising gas costs.

Have fun in the winter without snow, with these creative winter activities.Copyright so12, written by Kate Johns a talented author who has been writing professionally since 2004!