Pretty gemstone baby names are all around us. When you are looking for a totally different, pretty spectacular baby name, you have come to the right place. At my blog, In a minute, Mom, you can find the perfect name for your baby. Really, I figured I thought of them all, with my previous lists, but guess what, there are so many. I started with A baby girl names, B names, and feeling like the Count on Sesame Street, I continued. The other day, I was creating a list of pretty baby girl names, when I realized there are thousands, (making for a long, dull list.) What it comes down to is it is all subjective; what may sound like a beautiful name to you, may not sound incredibly beautiful to someone else.

Thinking along the lines of how pretty gems are, this is the newest baby name list. They can be used for girls or boys. In today’s world anything goes. I mean, come on, Michael Jackson named his youngest child, “Blanket.”

Pretty gemstone baby names:

Amber–from the name Amber, create Amberlee, Amberleigh, or Amberlynn.



Jade which is a hard stone, that can be green or white.


Amethyst— the February birthstone, and is purple in color.


Jacinth, becomes Jackie, or Jace.


Pearl, is a white gem grown inside oysters.

Sapphire is a blue mineral having a mysterious quality to this name.


Topaz is a gemstone of many colors, ranging from white to yellow, to blue.

Ivory can be used as a beautiful name for a baby.

Jewel is the name of the famous hit making Alaskan singer. While Ruby is the name of a song from country crooner Kenny Rogers. Gemstone names create pretty, sparkling, distinctive names for your baby.