Did you hear the latest parenting news? According to a United States government survey, 1 in 3 dads have become stay at home dads. The experts are saying that there are more dads staying home with the kids due to the current economic recession.Written by Kate Johns

They are also reporting that more moms are working, and that more women than ever before, are earning more money due to gaining college degrees.

Hey, I could’ve told you that!

When I was a stay at home mom, I can’t really say I’m a stay at home mom anymore, because one of my babies has flown the coop, and one doesn’t need me like she did before. (SOB!) But, I have noticed this major thing happening ladies, or should I say guys—-there are more men staying home with the kids.

I noticed this a couple of years ago when my daughter would still be seen with me, and when she didn’t refer to me as “The old lady.”When I was at school volunteering, there were more dads volunteering also. In fact, the President of the PTA for two years was in fact, (insert drumroll here), it was a male person. A man was the president of the PTA. He had two children going to the same school my child was going to.

And he was not alone! Other men were also volunteering at school. Other men were seen swinging their kids on the swings at local playgrounds. Other men were walking into school on teacher–parent conference days to talk to the teacher.

I remember telling my husband about this phenomenon. At first, I thought it was kind of strange. But just as suddenly it hit me, women are working, and making decent money, (women still are not getting the same pay for doing the same job as men are). But with more women gaining higher education degrees, more women are making money.

More men are losing their jobs, and more women are becoming the head of the household. Bob Dylan was right back in the 1960’s—-“The times they are a changing.”

In big cities, you will see many men walking their babies in strollers. I’m not seeing this happening here in my small town–because here there are plenty of jobs, and too many he-men that would not walk behind a stroller, strolling along.

It’s role reversal time! Women are going out into the work world, earning money, gaining confidence, going out after work with the guys, (or is that the gals?). While men are at home taking care of the kids, watching TV shows, making dinner.

Just makes you think that there are plenty of advertising/marketing opportunities to be met here; daytime TV for men, home products made just for men, more masculine home products to sell. Come on, where are those sexy aprons for men? Can you picture it now, she comes home from work and he is wearing an apron that says, “I hate housework!” Copyright 2011, written by talented freelance writer Kate Johns