Besides having a healthy baby, taking care of yourself and getting ready for the little person getting ready to make her mark on this world, you have to come up with a beautiful name that is different from every other name out there. That’s why I created this list of girl’s names that are also song names for your perusal, helping to create the absolutely most beautiful, original name  for your baby. Anybody can think of strange baby names like Apple or Seven. But not everyone can create beautiful names that are right there in front of you, that you may have been listening to on the radio for years.Written by talented author Kate Johns.

Nearly everyone is trying to create a name for a baby that is completely different from other baby’s names so that this child will gain attention just because she has the most creative, stunning name ever.

What better way to do just that by remembering a beautiful name that you love, and reminding you of your past? Parents may also believe that naming a child a different name from any other child will guide your baby girl exactly to a life filled with self-confidence, success, and the knowledge that she is and always will be loved by her mom and her dad.

Without further ado, here are girls names that are also songs:

1. Ah Leah from Donnie Iris. This baby’s name can be spelled anyway you want including;  Aleaha,  or Ahlea.

2. Alison by Linda Ronstadt, and Allison by Elvis Costello

3. Amy by Paul Peterson

4. Amanda by Boston

5. Anastasia by Pat Boone

6. Angie by The Rolling Stones

7. Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys

8. Beth from the band KISS

9. Brandy from Looking Glass

10. Carrie Ann from Looking Glass

11. Cathy as in “Cathy’s Clown” from The Shadows

12. Cecilia from Simon and Garfunkel

13. Eileen, as in the song “Come on Eileen,” from Dexy’s Midnight Runners.

14. Gloria depending on which version of the song you like, it was sung first by Them when Van Morrison wrote it in 1964. Later it was sung by The Doors, and even later by Patti Smith. There is also another version of Gloria sung by U2.

15.  Helena by My Chemical Romance

16. Jane as in “Baby Jane” from Rod Stewart.

17. Judy in Disguise by John Fred and the Playboy Band.

18. Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls

19. Kayleigh by Marillon

20. Jenny from Tommy Tutone in the 1980’s—-You know what I mean the song with the famous phone number—867-5309!

21. Lola from the Kinks

22. Lucille from Little Richard

23. Maggie Mae from Rod Stewart

24. Mandy by Barry Manilow

25. Peggy Sue from Buddy Holly

26. Rhiannon from Fleetwood Mac

27. Rosanna from Toto

28. Roxanne from The Police

29. Ruby from Kenny Rogers

30. Sally as in “Lay Down Sally” from Eric Clapton.

31. Sara from Fleetwood Mac

32. Valerie performed by The Monkees, and another version written about Valerie by Steve Winwood. Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns, a talented freelance writer since 2004!