Having problems trying to figure out what to do with your college child’s room now that he has moved out? It doesn’t last long. Once you get used to having more freedom, you realize there’s a whole lot of living going on. It’s time to party!! Written by Kate Johns

Here are five fun, creative things to do with your child’s bedroom when he goes to college:

1.Create an entertainment room.

Besides having a living room or a family room, you might want to have an area of your house that can be a man-cave, or an entertainment room. This is the room you shove that old bed out of, put furniture you really want in here like a recliner, a pool table, a big screen TV, and a stereo system. Place a small basketball hoop, a Nintendo Wii system and have some fun while losing weight.

2.Make your college bound child’s room into an office.

Okay, I agree this is a boring thing to do with an emptyish room. Store the bed somewhere else, move your child’s older furniture out replacing it with a brand new functional home office. You can either start your own new business or do office related work at home. This is a great way to make extra money to pay for college!

3. Design a workout room.

Utilize this NEW space in your home to lose those unwanted pounds. Move workout equipment into your child’s room such as a  stationary bike, and an elliptical,  a punching bag, or whatever you want to work out on.

4. Create a dance studio(How much more fun can you get out of your college child’s bedroom than this?)

Create a state of the art dance studio. Paint the walls with fun colors, so that when your ceiling mounted disco ball arrives, you can groove to the music and have some major fun. You can dance alone, or with your spouse/life partner. Dance with your other kids still at home. You can also create a dance studio for the younger kids to dance, having fun while your oldest child is away at college.

5. Create a hobby room.

Don’t cry when your child leaves home for college, have a great time finding a hobby. Utilize that old bedroom as your new hobby studio! Design a place to do what you always really wanted to do; whether that is sewing, writing,or painting. Allow the inner artist in you to come out to design new creations. Copyright 2011, written by Kate Johns, a talented freelance author since 2004!