Looking for a beautiful, totally different name for your baby girl? Well look no further Mom and Dad. For you have stepped into my creative parenting site that gives you helpful tips on almost everything, including what to name your sweet, wonderful baby, loveable baby girl. Written by Kate Johns

Here they are, creative, fun people, names for your baby girl, that just happen to be the names of flowers. I have discovered 34:

1.  Tiger Lily

2.. Calla Lily

3.  Rose

4.  Lily

5.  Iris

6.  Black Eyed Susan

7.  Marigold, or Merrigold

8.  April

9.  Alyssa

10. Amantha

11. Amaryllis

12. Azalea

13. Chrysthamum

14. Blossom

15. Bluebell

16. Calanatha

17. Camellia

18. Clovis

19. Clover

20. Daisy

21. Dahlia

22. Daffodil

23. Forsythia

24. Gardenia

25. Heather

26. Jasmine

27. Pansy

28. Hyacinth

29. Saffron

30. Samantha

31. Violet

32. Yasmin

33. Yolanda

34. Zinnia

There you have it, parents, pretty, somehow different, but also timeless baby girl names that may have been right there in front of you, but you couldn’t think of that one perfect name for your precious new baby. Copyright 2011, written by talented author Kate Johns who has been a freelance writer since 2004!