As I was sitting here thinking of what kinds of names you can create for a baby, I thought of some that are right in front of you every day; names of the months on the calendar, and the four seasons of the year. Written by Kate Johns

Some more seasonal names for you are the following:

1. Summer is the best time of year, as far as I am concerned. And it also a very pretty name.

2. Autumn is a time of year of much change, but is also a very pretty name. It sounds better than naming your baby Fall. Saying Fall out loud, makes this season sound too creepy to be a baby’s name.


4. May

5. June

6. August

7. January, which can be shortened to Jan. Never knew January could be used as a child’s name, did you?

8.Winter can also be used as a child’s name. For people who love winter with, skiing,and skating, Winter is only a natural baby’s name for your child.  If you conceived your baby during the winter–well there you go.

9. Winter also leads to thoughts of sugar plums in your head, which means, Christmas. Imaginative people will name their kids after Christmas. Chris is the shorter version of Christmas.

10.You could even go as far as naming your child Stormy, especially if he or she is born during a raging blizzard, or a forceful hurricane.

11.Thinking about seasons and what happens during the 12 months of the year brings to mind, February , the shortest winter month of all, February reminds  millions of people of another baby name; Valentine or Valentino can be a male child’s name, with Valentina or the shorter version of Val for a female baby’s name.

12. Just thought of another seasonal baby name. Okay, this one is more of a weather name, Rain. You can also spell this beautiful, timeless name any way you like such as; Raine, Rayne, or Rhain.

Bet you never knew some of the most well known seasons, and months can be created into a beautiful name for your little bundle of joy? Enjoy your new baby, who now has the most original name anyone could ever think of. Copyright 2011.